Instagram adds new features and changes the way you share stories

Millions of users all over the world are using Stories in Instagram each and every day. They are pretty good to show your everyday life and check how your friends are doing right now. Seems that Instagram decides to make Stories even more attractive to users and reveals new exciting features of this app’s mode.

Renewed interface hits the Stories soon

Right now, there is only one option to share your Story. You take a picture or film a video, and both are immediately ready to impress your followers. With the redesigned Stories UI, you will be able to choose among three different modes — “Live”, “Camera” and “Create”. The first one is pretty obvious and will allow you to create streams. The second one includes all the well-known features you may use now including Superzoom, Focus, Boomerang or Rewind.

And finally “Create” mode brings Instagram to the new level of the social activity. Using it, you won’t need a photo or a video at all. You will be able to select a bright background and add Polls, Texts or Questions to it.

While the new UI is available for the beta testers only right now, Instagram promises that it will be released pretty soon.

Donation Stickers are coming to Stories

Another significant feature is devoted to donations. The users from USA are able to add Donation Sticker to any post starting from today. It sounds like the simplest way to raise money for the nonprofit companies.

You will be able to choose the organization from the ones you follow or among the popular profiles. If the list doesn’t include the company you need, use the search bar that is also available here.

To see how many people have already donated to some nonprofit organization, you will just need to swipe up.

Shopping from Creators will appear in Instagram

And there’s one more way to spend a bit during your Instagram routine. Meet “Shopping from Creators” feature that allows you to buy the items the influencers offer. This is the easiest way to purchase something from Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian in just a few taps. Tap the tagged product on the post you like and follow the in-app checkout process.

“Shopping from Creators” is coming the next week. However, you there will be a limited list of users with the right to sell the tagged items. Besides the mentioned above two influencers, Gigi Hadid, Chiara Ferragni, Katie Sturino, Kris Jenner and Camila Coelho are in. In addition, several publishers are also announced. The list includes HypeBeast, Elle, Refinery29 and GQ.

Also, one more limitation. Right now, you will be able to purchase the products from the brands that take part in checkout beta only. Here they are: Prada, Nike, Adidas, Michael Kors, H&M, Zara, Burberry, Kylie Cosmetics and Mac.