Rumors suggest that Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is coming soon

Mi Band 4 leaks appear here and there constantly. Bluetooth SIG showed four possible modifications last month, and Taiwan NCC certification organization has revealed two more recently. The latest source reveals that bracelets may be released sooner than it was predicted earlier. And even without the new details about Mi Band 4 specification, this leak is worth our attention. Finally, we can get a first look at the device’s design.

Clear pics of Mi Band 4 are here

NCC has revealed the XMSH07HM model of the upcoming Mi Band 4. However, you won’t see anything significantly different from the previous generation of Xiaomi's bracelets. While Mi Band 3 offered a larger display, this time the display won’t be any bigger. The heart-rate sensor may be spotted on the back as it is expected.

XSMH07HM model doesn’t have NFC but Xiaomi obviously has this thing in mind. According to the report, the one with NFC connectivity will get another name — XSMH06HM. It will serve for contactless payments but, just like the previous generation with the similar feature, will be available in China only. It is also rumored that Mi Band 4 will get an advantage of Bluetooth 5.0 with the Low Energy mode. There may be a chance that ECG monitor will appear in this new generation, however, the pictures hint that PPG monitor will be used instead. And of course, we hope that the greatest power of Mi Band — an affordable price — will please us again.