Recent render spill of Moto Z4 shows an incredibly thin case and recalled headset jack.

It is no question that Motorola's foldable model Motorola Razr is a most highly forthcoming brand device in the nearest future. But without a doubt, it is not the only one interesting upcoming release of Lenovo's owned company. There are several interesting presentations of new advanced devices, including entry model Moto E6 and flagship model Moto Z4.

Up to now, it is still not clear what Motorola is going to do about Moto Z4 Play. Was the idea of this device turned down or no, but the latest leak of Moto Z4 render showed us common modular design with several interesting novations.

As the proof of previous leaks, the latest showed us the absence of side-mounted biometric recognition which was in the latest models: the Z3 and Z3 Play. It was replaced by an advanced in-display fingerprint reader. So far we cannot be sure that this is the right decision. Because it is not clear enough that fingerprint scanning speed will be high, that there are not going to be any time lags and that it will be 100% reliable. But certainly, we need to give Motorola some time and see how the company can eliminate some possible negative scenarios.

One more big innovation is rundown of horizontal screen bezels that were in the Z3 and Z3 Play models. These bezels are replaced with a sleek waterdrop pit.

In terms of sleek, the latest render leak also shows us a highly thin device profile. Moto Z4 seems to be even slimmer than Moto Z3 and Z3 Play which are 6.8 mm in thickness. Although the design is super delicate and thin, Motorola decided to give more chance to 3,5 mm headset jack, which is placed near to a USB Type-C port. It looks interesting where Moto has a speaker: it is located at the top of the handset instead of the bottom side like it was before.

One more "rumor" that seems to be truthful. Z4 is going to have a single rear-facing camera, magnificent "batwing" Motorola logo and of course 16-pin special connector for special Mods at the back of the device. Evan Blass is trying to keep in a secret all layouts, renders and tech documentation, almost everyone knows that the Z4 will be equipped with a full 48-megapixels camera and a single selfie shooter with a capability of 25 megapixels.

But the question is: does the world really need Z4 Play? The Z4 will have Snapdragon 675 processor and battery capacity of 3600 mAh. And these features make the device quite average. Anyway, time will show what exactly Motorola is going to have in its new flagship model.