YouTube Music plays your own tracks on Android

Meet the first step for Google Play Music replacement.

YouTube Music becomes closer to be a full replacement of the Google Play Music service. Since now, you can listen to your local song collection with YouTube Music. This feature has appeared for a few users recently but now is available for all subscribers. To get access to the local music, go to Device Files section. If you have already found the perfect tune for the music you stream, it becomes available for the local tracks too.

However, the current version has a few limitations. Thus, you won’t be able to create a playlist that includes both YouTube and local songs. YouTube queues won’t contain the local tracks too. And it goes without saying that Like and Unlike buttons will be featured for the online music only. Those limitations are not a big deal at first sight but Google Play Music doesn’t have them at all. So it’s up to you to decide which service is your cup of tea now.