Software updates will come faster with Android Q

That’s incredible how many features are going to be included to Android Q. If you are the one who wants to get them as fast as possible and are not happy being in the long line, this newly announced feature is the one you always wanted to have.

You may know how slowly the updates are coming to the end users these dates. Google has been working on the optimization of the upgrade process for quite a long time and have achieved some results already. Together with Android 8, Project Treble appeared. It divided the software and hardware updates, so the users got a chance to update the operating system before the device’s manufacturer is ready to release the hardware module. Also, you can update several system apps directly from the Google Play if they are not updated automatically.

Two iterations later, with Android 10, there will be even more user control over the operating system updates. Google announces that three important parts of any big update will be available in the store, so you will be able to get them just like you upgrade any third-party app. Those parts include Security (this one was working in a such mode before), Compatibility and Privacy. Seems that the update process will be even easier and faster from now.

Well, only three parts of the system available for the manual update are not a big deal for many users. However, it’s a significant leap for Google developers. It’s amazing how they separated several crucial components of the operating system, so we may hope that this trend will be improved with the next updates.

Seems that starting from Android Q, Google will finally send the updates to the devices as soon as possible and won’t wait for the hardware producer to check it, re-work it and test it. Sounds like a great news.

In comparison with iOS updates, Android ones always come later. That is a normal thing because of the numerous manufacturers who produce the devices based on Android. All of them need to get ready for the changes the new operating system brings. However, with the new trend, Google tries to reduce the delay. The only fly in the ointment is that Security, Privacy, Compatibility components and nothing more will be updated faster. All feature updates will depend on device manufacturers again, so don’t wait their superfast appearance.

First small step is done and at least we got something. Are you excited about the new trend? Let us know in the comments below.