How to upgrade your Pixel to Android 10 Q Beta and what if you need to roll back

The most notable things we know about Android Q today are upgraded Digital Wellbeing, brand-new Dark Mode, better accessibility and improved privacy. The official release of the new operating system is scheduled for the end of the summer, but we just can’t wait for so long. If you are excited as much as we are, our guide about how to get the beta version installed on your Google Pixel will be pretty helpful.

In addition to Pixel smartphones, there are several more devices from Nokia, Huawei, Sony, LG and OnePlus are compatible with Android Q. Ready to try? Before you go, please note that it’s only a beta version so it may crash and fail constantly. This release is mostly for the developers to check and upgrade their apps before the official release date. But if you understand the risks and still want to try, here is how you should proceed.

Step 1

First, let’s find out whether your device is compatible with Android Q. Go to the default browser and check whether you are logged in your Google account. Then type google.com/android/beta. Here you will be able to learn more about the upcoming release if you are not familiar with the new features yet. Tap Devices tab to get the list of your devices connected to the account and ready for Android Q.

Step 2

If you have passed the first step successfully, you will notice Opt In button under the devices that match. Tap the button, check the terms and conditions and agree with them. Please note that you will be able to roll back to the stable operating system version only after you remove all the data from your device.

Step 3

Once you tap Join beta button, you should wait a few moments for the confirmation that you are in. Now, go to Settings and check whether you have any new software updates. If you are using Google Pixel, you will need to visit System section, then Advanced and finally Software Updates. Android Q should be waiting for you there. Before you start, Google will remind you about the risks taken again.

How to roll back after Android Q update

In case you are OK with Android Q, you may use it until the official release date. Once the update is available for all users, your device will get the stable version without any problems with your personal data. If you decide to roll back to Android 9 Pie, you will need to wipe the data from your device. In this case, go to Step 1 once more and tap Opt Out button under your phone.

Hope you will like the new version! Would be great if you share your experience in the comments below.