Google announced a new type of budget devices: the Pixel 3a

With a wave of a wand, Google Pixel 3a changes the market of affordable Android phones in a dash.

It is better to speak plainly: the Pixel 3a has several solid pioneer novelties. All these can make you want to give good references to this device to all of your friends and relatives.

The reason for this is simple: Google's basic approach to this device is to combine the strongest camera capacity and software solutions as one, having no intention to make the best design. It is not about the way it looks, it is about the technical capabilities of the new phone. And it is a contrary approach that every affordable model has: to have swag while being simple inside.

A new approach to affordable phones

Let's take a closer look at Samsung Galaxy A50: nice design, but a reasonably decent camera that inoperative in the twilight and at night time; unreliable fingerprint reader. It's hard to imagine that this phone will be updated somehow in the future. And it's not only about this model. All devices in the prices bracket between 300 USD and 500 USD are not unlike. Even more expensive models. To the point of ridiculousness, flagship Android devices at the price of 1000 USD will get technical updates later that the Google Pixel 3a which price is $400.

Surely, that Pixel design looks kind of prehistoric. But the reason why you can buy this phone is because of his great technical capabilities. At this price, it does not have any rivals.

Let's name the main keys to success that will lead this budget phone to a new level:

  • The camera of flagship models;
  • Strong software with three levels of updates (from Android 10Q to Android 12S);
  • Special optimizations from Google to increase battery performance.

The resurrection of Nexus with a fresh approach

At some point, we realized that Pixel 3a became a second advent of the Google Nexus. Lots of people can say many good things about Pixel's forerunner:

  • attractive price;
  • smooth Android performance;
  • in-line updates in software;
  • magical Google affection on system performance.

Could be better than a NEXUS?

In our opinion Pixel 3a will be greater than a Nexus. A Nexus devices bartered away good camera performance on high processor performance. While Pixel has a flagship camera and a quite high processor performance (yet not the top-rank but it's very good). In the days of Facebook/Instagram photos, lots of people will surely be more thankful for a strong camera rather than for top-speed processors.

The new approach to the affordable devices: none but Google

We think that after Nexus, the only Google could have launched such kind of awesome affordable device as Pixel 3a.

And understanding that Google flagship model at the price of 1000 USD, will be gobbled by the new cheaper model hasn't stopped the company from developing Pixel. It's big courage not to make hardware profits that electronic companies are getting from top-range devices, their main goal. And, frankly speaking, this kind of solution can bring much more money and respect itself.

And this kind of solution can give a lot of positive feedback from satisfied customers all over the world.

Talking about us, we would definitely try this phone and the most important thing is that we are sure that we are going to like it and will recommend it to our friends and to you, our followers. And finally, we get a chance to explain to them that now they don't need anymore to buy expensive overpriced flagship phones under the price of 1000 dollars and can get a bunch of awesome photos!