Two novelties by Xiaomi team – Snapdragon 855 processor and extraordinary camera design might be expected

The powerful processor by Qualcomm - Snapdragon 855, has become the key point of all present-day smartphones. That is why the huge number of manufactures relies on the choice of Snapdragon 855 power for their novelties. Xiaomi developers’’ team have already presented two models powered with the high-grade processor.

They are:

  • Mi Mix 3 (5 G)
  • Mi 9
The back-end of the Xiaomi Mi 9 model

But the rumors became to spread about two more devices powered with Snapdragon 855 system power to appear soon by the popular Chinese manufacturer of the trendy smartphones. Right up to the end of 2019, the novelties are going to be released. They even have already got their personal nicknames. Without any doubts, the developers mean them as the real masterpieces while calling the awaited models as “Da Vinci’ and “Raphael”.

Speaking about the features of the smartphone with the most powerful process to be expected, it should be mentioned about the pop-up cameras. The new cameras’ modules will appear for sure but all setup details are unknown for now. The experts discuss the possibility of the similar available mechanism for cameras as the Mi Mix 3 sliders have.

So while taking into account the accessible features of the Xiaomi novelties, it seems that the models will obtain the minimum-sized bezels and chins. The top of the devices might be reduced too, as the result.

The exemplary design excludes:

  • the capability of the notch detail
  • the availability of display hole.
The example of the notchless design

Some other insights are renowned – the details are concerned the display capabilities. The manufacturer decided to implement the well-known feature of their Mi 9 model of fingerprint scanner in-display-adopted. The more qualitative sensors are expected but, of course, there is the lack of the details at the present moment. Even the market names have not been noted yet. So the public is waiting the release and the confirmation of either the rumors or the given insights practically.