The extraordinary notch by Xiaomi developers – the inverted punch line for the better design is patented

More than 2 years ago the smartphone developers performed the models with notches implemented. The design of this detail on the mobile devices are various nowadays. The users are able to choose both the broad-made ones and the notches with the spot form. The only variant is not able to be seen in the present time – the external alternative.

The top-of-the-line Xiaomi notch example

But even such design decision will be realized soon by Xiaomi developers’ team – the outward notch has been already taken into account and is added to the last patent of the Chinese manufacturer. The presence of the hot-topic patent is the key point to give thoughts to the future changes of the digital items fashion.

Here are some insights according the future smartphone models with the extraordinary notch design:

  • First variant is concerned the entry models. The manufacturer decides to implement almost invisible notch, as the experts call the ones with the notchless display. Just imagine the very small bezels and some kind of turn detail right at the top of the model. You get the impression that the minimum notch is available but in the inverted version. Here the phone’s receiver will be situated with two front cameras for selfie to take
  • Another style will be used for rather pricier Xiaomi smartphones (e.g. model Mi Mix 3). The users will have opportunity to buy the device with the top slider design. The concept allows to mask the selfie cameras. The great decision to present the novelty with the all-screen superficies. The only disadvantages of the awaited Chinese models is the cost. No doubts that the new smartphones turned to become more expensive.

Take a look at the sketches below and decide yourself – if it is the high time for the changes in form of inverted notches. Which ones will be widespread soon? Who knows – we are waiting for the fresh releases.

The different kinds of the notches of the inverted form