The fresh models for AirPod lovers – there is a little bit to wait

The AirPod line-up have already gained the great popularity among users. So the manufacturer is not going to stop and prepares the new models to be released by the end of 2019. The Apple corporation representative, Ming-Chi Kuo said that the novelties will be presented up to the end of the current year. The release might happen by the start of 2020, in the last resort.

The peculiarity of the new models of the presented line-up relies on the different style and the price-orientation. It is known that the first variant will be alike the last Apple device – that is why the cost will not differ much. The second AirPod novelty is awaited to appear with fresh extraordinary design. The price will also change as the superficies of the device.

For now, there is the lack of details at all about the following Apple products, but some features are worth to be noticed:

  • The noise-canceling ability – the original AirPod murmurs will be accessible;
  • The water-resistance – it is possible that the term will be elongated;
  • The upgraded serviceability.

The Apple corporation makes stress on the high level quality of new AirPod models and waits for the new fans of the trendy earbuds without any wires accessible. Moreover, the manufacturer has the aim to reduce the costs for the AirPods production with help of the modern technology and the new design solutions. Nevertheless, the AirPod lovers are waiting edgily for the novelties to enlarge their collection with high-functional and the best-selling earbuds at the same time.