iFixit uncovers the weakness of Samsung Galaxy Fold

That’s not a surprise at all that Samsung Galaxy Fold is a pretty fragile mobile device. Numerous reports and reviews bring its main issues and defects to light, and so the company has decided to postpone the release date recently. However, iFixit got Galaxy Fold before the official statement from Samsung came and had some time to test the current version and tell all the truth about how delicate this device is.

iFixit published its teardown a few days ago. The review is pretty long although the device itself is nothing more than an ordinary mobile phone. Of course, the display that folds is a big thing today, and so iFixit focused on how it works. Without a peep, the reviewers noticed that it is not so good as it was promised. Thus, there is a 7-mm gap around the display, and it is big enough for crumbs, dust and drops that may damage the OLED display.

Even after you fold the Galaxy up, it is still in potential danger. Although the bigger display seems to be protected, the gap is not going anywhere. Naturally, the dust inside the mobile device is not a useful thing, but if we are talking about the smartphone that costs around $2000, that is not an option at all.

Next, iFixit decided to lift the device’s back cover and display up. Both are glued and both may be removed pretty easily. The batteries are held in place by glue too. Luckily, to secure the other internal parts, Samsung used the usual Philips screws. And here is one more good news: the motherboard’s connectors are protected with silicone filling that allows speaking about a kind of water resistance.

After removing the bigger display, iFixit stated that it was pretty easy too. And it should be mentioned one more time as it was the main idea of the whole teardown, Galaxy Fold lacks the proper protection against dust.

So, let’s come to the conclusion. iFixit gives Samsung’s innovation 2 points out of 10. Those two points come to Philips screws used for some phone’s internal parts. The other connectors and protectors are too poor for such a device. Fragile and delicate, Galaxy Fold won’t last long, unfortunately. Hope Samsung will find out how to make it more durable. In the meantime, you may look through the whole iFixit’s teardown achieved by this moment.